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He Loves Me: Audio Book
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He Loves Me: Audio Book

Product ID: ISBN 9781598595222
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He Loves Me!
ID : ISBN 9780964729254
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Unabridged, 4-CD Set

Written by: Wayne Jacobsen 

Read by: Wayne Jacobsen 


Be prepared to know God better and love him more. You hold in your hands a classic...

--From the Foreward by Gayle D. Erwin Author, Jesus Style


Understanding God’s love requires not a classroom lecture but a long bath. 
In He Loves Me, Wayne Jacobsen fills the tub and invites us to soak in real life,
the inner life of the Trinity. “What Really Happened on the Cross?” is worth reading
five or six times, then sinking quietly and deeply into its life-giving water.

--Dr. Larry Crabb, Author of The Papa Prayer, SoulTalk, and Shattered Dreams.

He loves me! He loves me not!

Doyou find yourself picking through circumstances like children pluckingdaisy petals attempting to figure out whether or not God loves you? Ifyou find yourself least certain of his love in those critical momentswhen you most need to trust him, there is hope for you.

Where? At the one event in human history that forever secured your place inthe Father’s heart—the cross where Jesus allowed sin and shame to beconsumed in his own body so that you could freely embrace arelationship with his Father. There you will discover that what healways wanted was not the fearful subservience of slaves, but theloving affection of sons and daughters.

If yourspiritual life feels more like performance than freedom, like an emptyritual rather than a joyful journey, let Wayne help you discover:

  • A Father who loves you more than anyone on this planet ever has or ever will.
  • A growing confidence in his affection for you through whatever circumstances you face.
  • Avibrant relationship with him that will free you from the torment ofshame while it transforms you to live as his child in the earth.

Wayne Jacobsen wanders the world helping people sort out how to live deeply in the life of Jesus. Formerly a Contributing Editor to Leadership Journal, he has written numerous books on spiritual intimacy and relational church life, including So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore, under the penname Jake Colsen. You can find his other books, blog, and articles at lifestream.org, and his weekly podcast at thegodjourney.com. He resides in Moopark, CA with his wife Sara.




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