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Darin Hufford has traveled to nearly every state as a conference speaker, relationship counselor, and Christian evangelist. He studied theology at the Kings College in Van Nuys, California, while running a homeless outreach in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Darin served four years as a pastor in a Phoenix mega-church where he authored two best-selling books, both on the heart of relationships. He has spent hundreds of hours counseling married couples and equipping singles for marriage. His teachings have been embraced and incorporated in bible colleges, international marriage seminars, churches, youth groups and by professional counselors.

Widely appreciated for his passionate speaking style and teaching with humor, he routinely speaks on deeper issues of religious life, and getting at the beating heart of people’s issues with God, faith, and Christianity. He has spent the last fifteen years speaking to groups of all ages—but he’s even better one-on-one.  

Darin has appeared on television and radio, as a panel guest on relationship subjects for KTAR (Arizona’s largest news radio station), and has appeared on “The God Show” with Pat McMann. Host of the “Into the Wild” podcast and founder and president of The Free Believers Network (www.freebelievers.com), he travels and speaks on knowing the heart of God. Darin also teaches a weekly class called Plan B on untouched avenues of contemporary theology. Darin lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife Angie and their five children.

Endorsements For “The Misunderstood God” (coming from Holly as of 5/20)
Tony Campolo, Eastern University
Frank Viola, author of Pagan Christianity
William P. Young, author of The Shack
Wayne Jacobsen author of So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore

Short summary
The Misunderstood God takes the reader on a journey to the deepest place of their heart, revealing that the truth of God is already known within them. By comparing the idea that God is love with today’s religious teachings, Hufford exposes that modern day Christianity has replaced God’s true personality with that of the devil.

Long summary
Have you ever listened to a preacher talk about God and thought, “That doesn’t sound like God.” Millions have become repulsed by the God some churches present. From birth, many Christians have been bombarded with so many contradictory teachings and doctrines that their understanding of God resembles a tightly tangled ball of Christmas tree lights. The Misunderstood God throws out that twisted mess and replaces it with the soft, warm light of truth.

With so many confusing teachings about God and countless contradictions, misunderstandings, outright scams, and simplistic, fear-based teachings, how can we really know who God is for ourselves? The Misunderstood God analyzes some of the most common claims about God’s heart and personality, and measures them against what God has called Himself: perfect love. Through a journey into the sixteen aspects of love from one of the most well-known scriptures around the world—the “love chapter”—The Misunderstood God offers step-by-step comparisons and simple, biblical teaching to reveal the profoundly simple truth that God is, indeed, love. He has made it so easy to know His heart that even a child could understand Him. No educated theologians or credentialed pastors have a corner on the truth about God. He is not merely locked in a monastery high in the mountains. He’s not just sitting in church hoping you’ll show up. He’s not simply out traveling with the latest super-spiritual faith healer. Finding God is easier than any of us imagined. People who have spent years searching for the truth about him can finally discover that they have known Him all along.

The Misunderstood God simplifies a generation’s tangled perceptions of God. Finding God is as easy as learning what love means. His character and personality can be known and understood. This book gives the reader permission and confidence to trust what they already know about God by deepening our understanding of what love truly is.